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Art & Culture of Los Cabos

CATEGORY: Los Cabos Guides | 04.20.2021

Cabo is art produced by the greatest artist ever – nature. But it’s not just the views. The cultural vibe and the rich history of Los Cabos can inspire storytellers, musicians, and travelers. Here’s why an artist will always feel at home in Cabo.

What Artists Like Steinbeck and Hemingway Liked About Cabo

Los Cabos has always been an artist’s favored destination, from yesteryear literary giants like Steinbeck and Hemingway to modern-day superstars like Jennifer Aniston. You never know who you might bump into in Los Cabos. There are many reasons why artists have loved Los Cabos since the late 1950s.Perhaps it’s the laid back charm of Cabo or the exotic nostalgia of a long-gone era, or maybe it’s just the much-deserved relaxation that puts an artist’s imagination to work. John Steinbeck’s legendary coastal journey from Baja is a much-needed primer for any artist to consider visiting this tropical wonder. Steinbeck describes Cabo as a romantic land where stories of pirates and maidens come alive. While the mystical past influenced Steinbeck, Hemingway was taken by the fishing opportunities here. Can there be a better recommendation of fishing in Los Cabos? An exploration through the cerulean sea of Cortez loved by both Steinbeck and Hemmingway, is sure to inspire your next masterpiece.

A Rich History and Indigenous Culture

Art in Cabo San Lucas can take many forms. The influence from the indigenous culture, hundreds of years of pirate rule, frequent campaigns from the British and Dutch conquistadors: each moment in its history is enough for a lifetime of inspiration.A trip to Cabo San Lucas can present opportunities to learn about this unique history in the Natural History Museum, while the 18th-century architecture of old Cabo allows you to trace your fingers literally on its rich heritage. If you need something more slice-of-life, day trips to the historic mining towns of El Triunfo and San Antonio can let you take a glimpse into the life and times of miners living there in the 20th century.The history of Los Cabos also leaves a lot of blank spaces that need an artist’s interpretation. For example, the Pericúes were the first inhabitants of this land, but very little is known about where they came from, and how.

Art Walks, Galleries and Visual Spectacles in Cabo

If you prefer something more contemporary to inspire your creative side, Los Cabos can be surprisingly eclectic. Every year from November to June, each Thursday night presents a unique opportunity to San Jose Del Cabo artists. The streets in the gallery district of San Jose Del Cabo become doors and windows to the many art galleries of Cabo. As many as 12 local galleries participate in the art walk, making it a quintessential art experience at Los Cabos. However, one doesn’t always need to go on an art walk to stumble upon art in Baja. Especially in Cabo San Lucas, contemporary architecture can be breathtakingly appealing. A couple of hours away, the capital city of La Paz is also known for its award-winning modern architecture. Projects from Cabo San Lucas and La Paz are shortlisted in global contemporary architecture awards. And closer to the Los Cabos corridor, it takes no architect or art expert to take in the sheer luxury and grandeur offered by resorts such as the One & Only Palmilla. The entire stretch from San Jose Del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas is full of leisure landmarks, including golf courses and fine restaurants. It’s the perfect setting for fresh new ideas in any art form that you practice.

Natural Wonders of Los Cabos

The famous explorer and inventor of the diving equipment Jacques Cousteau called Cabo ‘The World’s Aquarium’ for its rich diversity of marine life. A cornucopia of oceanic experiences await travelers who take to the beaches and bays of Los Cabos. Inspiration can strike you while enjoying the magnificent natural wonder, seeing the only coral reef in the Pacifics, snorkeling near the shark whales, or even while having the near-meditative experience of whale watching. If the sea is not your closest friend, perhaps you will find your calling by hiking to the sierras or trying your hand at horseback or ATV riding. For painters and filmmakers, the arch of Cabo San Lucas is a definitive landmark to weave their craft around. If you do consider nature to be one of the finest artists, Los Cabos surely is one of her masterpieces.

Live Music & Nightlife of Cabo

The bustling nightlife of Cabo is a great escape from the mundane and offers creative minds unique opportunities to socialize. The International Film Festival happens every year in November and is considered as the hallmark of great filmmaking across Mexico, the United States and Canada. Los Cabos is also a treat for the music aficionados, with live local music throughout the year and international events, such as the Jazz weekend in San Jose Del Cabo. If art is an endeavor to find meaning or inspiration, Los Cabos is surely a paradise with an endless supply of dreams and life. Plan your artistic journey today, by exploring these amazing stay options with a story to tell.