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Why Todos Santos Road Trip Must be on Your Cabo Bucket List

CATEGORY: Los Cabos Guides | 04.20.2021

While the world around is in a constant state of change, one thing that never changes is the open road. As Jack Kerouac would put it, “Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.”  if you also feel the need to hit on the gas and experience a whole new, surreal world, a road trip to Todos Santos is the place to be. Beaches, deserts, mountains: the road opens many possibilities  as you hit the gas and storm on the Todos Santos highway. Need help planning this road trip? This itinerary and recommendations can serve you well.

Todos Santos Roadtrip has it all

When planning your trip to Los Cabos, or anywhere in Baja peninsula, it’s important to consider the season and the weather. The rainy months of August and September can be problematic, limiting the number of things you can do on the way. Winter months are great not only for the pleasure of driving, but also for the availability of unique experiences. Once you’ve checked the forecast, it’s time to plot the route for your trip. Los Cabos is an obvious starting point for many reasons.

Start from San Jose Del Cabo

Los Cabos International Airport is the sixth busiest airport in Mexico, and a natural choice to land in Baja. Although Cabo San Lucas also has some options for car rentals, renting at the SJD airport can be more convenient, especially for those in the luxury segment. You can book both car rentals and stay options through Elegant Mexico and focus on planning the trip. Once you pick your ride, you can start your road trip to Todos Santos right away, although Los Cabos itself has a lot to offer.

Experience Luxury in Cabo San Lucas

When you indulge in Cabo’s opulent luxury, it will be tempting to abandon all plans of exploring elsewhere. With its beach clubs, exclusive rejuvenation spas, and private pools, Cabo San Lucas is the ultimate leisure destination.

A quiet evening at the Marina, visiting the iconic Arc and playing golf before you hit the road to Todos Santos is highly recommended. If you are planning a longer vacation, you can also explore the vibrant galleries and local culture. The festive months of December and January offer a delightful immersion in the Baja lifestyle.

Although one can never get tired of Cabo San Lucas, a greater adventure awaits on your road trip. Migriño can help you kickoff your road trip in a thrilling fashion.

Try Adventure Sports in Migriño

A one-hour drive away from Cabo San Lucas, Migriño is perfect for a wide range of beach activities. If you’re an equestrian enthusiast, Pacific horseback riding is a must-do activity here. It’s best to start early from Cabo San Lucas, especially if you’re travelling after the winter months. Even in February, Migriño can get progressively hotter during the day. However, all the heat is worth it for this once-in-a-lifetime experience and for that perfect profile picture. Of course, there is also a lot to interest the die-hard thrill seekers, and those waiting for an adventure in the Mexican desert. Migriño is well-known for ATV rides in the desert with the option to ride by yourself or with your special someone.

After an adventure-filled morning, it’s time to slow down: and the next destination on the Todos Santos route is perfect for that.

Indulge in arts and surfing at El Pescadero

While Migriño offer you  the thrills, El Pescadero – just about 40 minutes on Highway 19 – is an art lover’s paradise. With its quaint charm and artistic vibes, this sleepy town can be the perfect spot for a mid-day meal en route to Todos Santos.

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to restaurants in El Pescadero. If you want to try authentic Mexican cuisine, Hierbabuena is top rated, recommended for its farm-to-table style experience. Another great option is the artisanal cuisine at TV Chef Carlito’s restaurant, aptly named as Carlito’s Place. El Pescadaro is not short on international cuisine, and everything from sushi to Italian restaurants is a quick Google search away.

If you want to get back on the action after a hearty meal, you can head to Cerritos, the best surfing spot in Baja. Although it’s a slight detour, surfing options here go from beginner to advanced levels, making it worth your time, especially if you are traveling with kids. Needless to say, the scenic Pacific sunsets offer a romantic setting for a quiet walk on the beach. However, if you prefer some retail therapy to surfing, or are short on time, you can head to LOVEleigh designs instead. This bohemian art shop is a surefire way to stumble upon a rare antique or two. After an eventful day, you can finally make your way to the famed Todos Santos, possibly the end point of your road trip.

Explore all the things to do in Todos Santos

True to its name Todos Santos, meaning ‘All Saints’ in Spanish, is almost a spiritual experience. Away from the sprawling grandness of Cabo San Lucas, this natural oasis is usually the high note in your Baja adventure. While you’re almost at the fag end of your Todos Santos road trip, this laid back town has a lot to offer before you head back home.

Popular culture has a funny way to unravel. Nothing demonstrates this as the mandatory pilgrimage to the ‘Hotel California’. While almost everyone knows that this hotel has no connection with the Eagles, it did win a lawsuit against the band, ironically linking it to the famous hit single. Right in the middle of Todos Santos, the venue has stayed true to its musical legacy, and is now a popular destination to live music events such as the Tropic of Cancer concert series. 

If you’re more interested in offbeat, authentic experiences, Todos Santos can still surprise you with the rich diversity of activities it offers. A visit to the turtle hatcheries, or learning about the native inhabitants of the land at the Cultural Center, are all on the cards. For those ready to head back to the delights of Cabo, ending the trip right at this point will still be a memorable experience. However, if you crave for more time on the road, you can try more destinations down the road from Todos Santos, or even continue to the East Coast to come full circle to Los Cabos.

Great Day trips and detours from Todos Santos

Hike to Picacho de la Laguna

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson For most travellers, a road trip is an intimate self-exploration, and a hike right to the heart of Baja is the best way to elevate this experience. The most popular one near Todos Santos takes you to a meadow with incredible views of the Sierras. If you’re unsure about hiking by yourself, you can always go with guides who offer day trips and multi-day hikes, most starting at the La Burrera ranch.

If you prefer something a little less daunting, you can continue on the Highway 19, all the way to the capital city of La Paz.

Spirit away to serene La Paz

While the beaches of Todos Santos are renowned for surfing and other beach activities, the shoreline of La Paz offers solace and contentment. The crystal blue waters of Enseñada Grande that make boats seem like they’re flying on air, and Playa Balandra’s shallow, playful allure pulls in the whole family together. While Los Cabos has a lot more activities, places to visit and nightlife, La Paz is perfect for a quiet evening and intimate escapes. Like almost every other place in Baja, La Paz also offers opportunities to deepen your relationship with the ocean – at times literally, if you are into diving or snorkelling. Snorkelling in La Paz is a must-do activity, the kind that inspired John Steinback’s first novel, based right here. It’s also one of the rare locations to see the whale sharks up close in their natural habitat.

In many ways La Paz can be a fitting finale to an amazing road trip adventure starting from Los Cabos, along the picturesque Highway 19. From luxurious indulgences to desert adventures, hikes and a rendezvous with the heart of Baja, it can be the vacation you have always dreamed of. And yet, if you need more, this sunkissed tropical wonderland can offer it to you. The only way to top the road trip to Todos Santos and La Paz is to complete the full circle and come back to Los Cabos from the East Coast, along the Camino Cabo Este.

Exploring more of Baja from Todos Santos

While the easiest way to complete the road trip from La Paz is to take Highway 1, and then 19, straight back to Cabo San Lucas, you do have an option to explore the East Coast if you want to see the hidden side of Baja. The East Coast is home to hidden wonders that you won’t regret visiting. There’s the twin towns of El Triunfo & San Antonio, with their history of mining and a unique cactus sanctuary, a visit to which can offer bragging rights and some very Instagram-worthy photos. If by some strange series of events you have managed to stay dry in Baja, fishing in Los Barriles and cliff jumping in Canon de La Zorra, near Santiago, can be thrilling and fun-filled experiences to take home with you. If you continue on Camino Cabo Este, you can also get an opportunity to explore the only coral reef in the Pacific, near Cabo Pulmo.

Each destination on Baja California’s circuit offers a chance to tell a story. Each one of them opens a door into a new world of luxury and culture, helping you learn something new about yourself. By the time you return your car at the airport, you may just find yourself a bit heavier on the feet.

Ready to plan your road trip? Check out our itineraries  and stay options to get started.