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Los Cabos Explorations: Top 5 Art Galleries in Los Cabos

CATEGORY: Los Cabos Guides | 04.20.2021

Art is abundant in the thriving cultural area of Los Cabos, especially in the San Jose del Cabo Art District, where most of the galleries are located. Much like the people in Los Cabos, the art is varied and represents aspects of Mexican culture, as well as pieces from around the world. Whether you’re looking to purchase a piece to take home in honor of your luxurious vacation, gallery hop or step in to take advantage of some air conditioning, it’s no time wasted. From paintings, pottery or photography, there is an art gallery in Cabo San Lucas for everyone.

Enrique Bascon Art Gallery

Photo Credit: Enrique Bascón

Located in the heart of San Jose del Cabo, Enrique Bascón’s gallery holds a variety of mesmerizing pieces. His ultra-realistic paintings and drawings pull aspects of collage and pop-art to create unique works inspired by his travels. Color and black and white pieces are available for sale including oil paintings, drawings, and prints. Standout series includes a collection of life-size oil paintings paying respect to beach vendors called “Vendors”, and an ongoing series of drawings depicting Bascón’s views on the sociopolitical climate in Mexico, “Tintas”.


Frank Arnold Gallery

Abstract figures come to life in Frank Arnold‘s paintings and sculptures, which he puts on display in his unique gallery, which doubles as his home, and studio in San Jose del Cabo. His artworks consist mainly of oil paintings and cast bronze sculptures, and hold a haunting quality that seems both deeply personal, and distant. You can also find his works on the streets, like the 24-foot sculpture of Alma Del Cabo in the Frank Arnold Plaza de San Jose del Cabo. All pieces are also available for worldwide delivery.

Caravane Cabo

If you’re looking for something a bit different, Caravane Cabo pulls together elements of various art forms. Primarily a fine art print shop, the space also doubles as a concept store holding modern Mexican designs, a woodwork shop and an interior design studio. Shedding light on Mexico’s contemporary design and art, you can find anything from hand collected antiques, textiles, stunning furniture pieces and prints of your favorite artworks, all in one place.

Casa Dahlia Gallery

The Casa Dahlia Gallery is a minimalist gallery featuring a number of artists and sculptures by six local and international artists. With a strong emphasis on color and continuity throughout the space gives a dream-like sensation full of muted tones in the bright white space. They also host regular film nights with movie screenings and dinner from various cuisines. But seats are limited, so make sure you book early!

San Jose del Cabo Art Walk

Photo Credit: www.artcabo.com/art-walk

Experience a social art experience at the weekly San Jose Art Walk! Between the months of November and June, each Thursday night is an art lover’s dream when the streets of the Gallery District come to life and the gallery’s open their doors to the public for a evening art crawl. Designed to allow tourists to experience the cultural and artistic essence of the area, car traffic is closed and visitors are encouraged to stroll the streets, sip some wine, and taste local food in the art-filled streets. Galleries will often hold events to meet the artists, and have special performances in the streets, giving you the full experience the area has to offer. Want to experience Los Cabos vibrancy firsthand? Elegant Mexico has a number of luxurious and private villas that are not only ideal for relaxing but perfectly located to see all of the sights and sounds the region has to offer. What are you waiting for?