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Visit Los Cabos When the Weather is Just Right

CATEGORY: Los Cabos Guides | 04.20.2021

If your New Year’s resolution is to have new experiences, get more active, and eat better, there can’t be a better place to visit than Los Cabos. Pristine beaches, crystal blue oceans brimming with exotic marine life, and a unique cultural extravaganza tempered in local flavors await anyone who visits Los Cabos all year round. However, spending a week in Cabo is especially great to recover from January blues. Our Cabo loine-up includes the best things to do, and events to help you get started with planning your first tropical vacation of the year.

While most of North America is still covered in snow, the tropical weather of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo can be a pleasant way to ease into spring. Average February and March temperatures at Los Cabos range between pleasantly cool evenings (16ºC, or 60ºF) and blissfully warm in the day time (25ºC, or 77ºF). This means you can go for any water sport you can dream of during the day, and spend relaxing evenings by the poolside without thinking twice.

Unlike the boisterous holiday season, in which Los Cabos restaurants and main attractions are usually packed, the spring experience brings relatively lesser tourist footfall. Interestingly, most tourist attractions are still in full swing by this time, which makes it the ideal season to catch wonders such as the annual whale migration. And if you’re searching for unique local events and activities in your vacation, there’s no shortage of that either.

Sun, Fun and a Half Marathon

Although a vacation to Mexico is full of opulent indulgences, there are always opportunities to keep up with your fitness routines. Los Cabos Half Marathon is a unique and healthy experience and usually happens in February. The event’s scenic route includes San Jose Del Cabo’s historical downtown and an astonishing view of Puerto Los Cabos Marina. Not up for 21 K? You can still take part in the event by signing up for a shorter distance. And if you need a little post-run relaxation, Los Cabos has many beach clubs and spas to rejuvenate your spirits.


Jazz up the Valentine’s Day weekend

If you have been wondering about perfect ways to spend Valentine’s Day, a magical weekend full of music and culture awaits you in San Jose Del Cabo. The annual Jazz Weekend usually takes place in February and is a magnet for audiophiles, especially jazz lovers. The best part is that the event has free access, and is headlined by some of the most talented artists across the globe. Luxurious stay options in Los Cabos can make this romantic escapade even more special for your loved ones.


Taste Cabo’s Premium Cocktails

There’s a lot to Los Cabos than just partying and drinks, but if that’s your idea of fun vacation, head to the annual Cabo Cocktails Festival that usually happens in February. It’s the premium mixology festival in Los Cabos and is hosted across many locations, including San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

This four-day festival is a great way to attend seminars from the world’s leading bartenders, or just to join in the fun with opening and closing parties. The best bars and drinking destinations in Los Cabos take part in the festival, which makes it the easiest way to get the best cocktails in the region.


Apart from these, there are plenty of interesting Los Cabos events coming up in February, such as the Cabo San Lucas Pet festival. Hosted in Feb, the festival celebrates pets with a unique parade and workshops with professional dog trainers.

Hang Out with Great EDM Artists

Your Los Cabos vacation can be everything you dreamed of if you groove to the tunes of world’s biggest EDM artists. The Omnia dayclub in Los Cabos is the ultimate spring break destination, with an impressive lineup of performers for the entire month. If you’re planning your Cabo vacation for the first weekend of March, you could get a chance to be a part of Omnia’s anniversary celebrations. It may include some of the world’s top electronic acts, such as Mark Eteson, Cuswell and the Dutch legend Tiësto.


Festivals in Todos Santos

A vacation to Los Cabos can be a perfect blend of quaint and opulent, with eclectic options that await you in the town of Todos Santos. About an hour’s drive away from Cabo San Lucas, Todos Santos is a must-do road trip all year round for many reasons. In March, the town hosts an annual art event that includes the best of local musicians and street artists. With a magnificent lineup, including a handicraft sale and performing arts events, this is a must-do travel experience in your trip to Los Cabos. The Todos Santos Film Festival follows right after the arts festival and brings the best of Latin films collection as a way to celebrate Mexican filmmakers.


Organic Delights at Sabore de Baja

You wouldn’t call this a “vacation” if it didn’t include some culinary delights, would you? Baja food is nourishment not just for the body, but also for the soul. You can indulge in the best of local cuisine at Sabore de Baja, a one-of-a-kind organic food festival held on the cusp of spring. Organized to celebrate the seasonal local produce, as well as the traditional way of cooking unique to the landscape, this festival is a great way to take a bit of Baja back with you in the form of unforgettable gastronomical memories.


Other fun things to do in Cabo

Even if you don’t plan on attending any events, and just look forward to a relaxing break, there’s no place like Los Cabos. Its serene locale, combined with luxurious services at spas such as One & Only Palmilla, make it a dream destination for your perfect vacation. Of course, there’s always enough motivation to go outdoors with a long list of things to do in Los Cabos.

Go whale watching or deep-sea diving

Los Cabos has a deep, almost spiritual connection with the ocean. Whether it’s exploring the many sandy beaches on the Baja shoreline, or exploring the coral reef on the east coast, the oceanic experience of Cabo is unmatched. Named as a UNESCO world heritage site, the Cabo Pulmo reefs are a bright success story of how climate changes can be reversed. The azure waters of the reef brimming with a rich diversity of marine life are a treat for nature lovers and divers alike. If you would rather stay above the surface and inhale the fresh sea breeze, you can opt for whale watching instead. The annual migration of whales is a remarkable natural phenomenon that never gets tiring, especially if you’re traveling with your entire family. Find out all you need to know about whale watching in with our Cabo travel guide

Learn about the fascinating history of Los Cabos

Since time immemorial, Los Cabos has been a vibrant passage to the world. The history of Cabo is full of remarkable struggles and landmarks that have stood the test of time. Visiting the famous Arch of Los Cabos, another UNESCO world heritage site, can be an enlightening experience in itself, where you can learn about the many events that transformed the region into a traveler’s paradise. Even if you don’t find their history quite fascinating, monuments like the arch are certainly worth a visit.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a water sport fan, an art lover, or a history buff, Los Cabos will always have something for you. As the crowds in the region retreat closer to spring, Cabo finds itself again in its most authentic, relaxed self. Even if you’ve been there before, a visit in February and March is an experience not to be missed.

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