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Our Top Tips for a Los Cabos Trip with Friends

CATEGORY: Things To Do | 04.20.2021

Sharing new adventures together and getting to know each other better are just some of the amazing advantages of traveling with friends. But, to make sure everyone in your group has an incredible getaway, we’ve compiled some handy tips and tricks to guarantee you’re all still laughing by the end of it!


What do you want to do on your vacation?

Believe it or not, not everyone wants to bask under the sun all day while sipping margaritas! An ideal vacation is often different for everyone — some want to soak up the culture of a new place, endlessly exploring every museum, art gallery, and festival they can. Others want to detach from the world with a good book on the beach. And some just want to sleep most of the day and come alive at night in the local clubs and bars! Deciding beforehand what you want to get out of your vacation will largely dictate where you go — this, of course, has to be a joint decision! If your group are mostly on the same page about having a beach holiday with no stress, search for a destination that gives you just that. If you’re all rather different and have a mix of things you’d all like to do, your destination should be somewhere that boasts a large range of different activities, like Los Cabos. Make sure you shop around to find somewhere perfect for everyone.

All-inclusive or villa rental?

This should be another question high on your list before booking anything with your gang. Each option brings numerous advantages — an all-inclusive resort means no cooking, cleaning or added costs to consider, while a villa rental provides the utmost privacy to sprawl out and really make the place your own!

Choosing a stunning villa rental with Elegant Mexico provides the best of both worlds. Some of our magnificent homes come with a full-service team including private butler and chef — please everyone in your group at the same time! Pic: Casa Bella Villa, Palmilla, Los Cabos.

Once You’ve Arrived:

Group activities

It’s a great idea to plan your days in advance, noting when your group activities will be. Â Having a rough guide as to how you’re all going to spend the next week or two will make things run smoothly and will avoid mixed communication, or disputes about what the agenda looks like. Map out where and when you’re doing things as a group — this way you can plan around it for personal activities. Meal times can be a great time to unwind together and catch up over some local food and drink!

Personal time

Moving on from the last point, it is important you plan personal time for those things you really do or don’t want to do. Traveling with a large group can become tiring at times and all you’ll really want is to spend some time with yourself. Â Not interested in the group paintballing trip? Take that time to visit the local spa you had your eye on — it’s your vacation after all! Having a mixture of group and personal activities to ensure everyone spends their vacation just as they want, is key.


Perhaps the crux to having an incredible trip with those closest to you is your ability to compromise! With so many opinions and differing likes and dislikes to contend with, conflicts are bound to arise at some point or another — it’s inevitable! The main point to remember is to compromise — perhaps you’re not a huge fan of Italian food, but are willing to go with the group consensus. That means you’ll get first choice at some other point in the week to visit the quaint little bakery you’ve wanted to try for breakfast! Compromise from the outset — it can make or break your vacation! Traveling with a group this year? We’ve got some of the finest luxury homes across Mexico to offer that are made for group getaways! Explore our properties here!