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TRAVEL TIPS: Places to Go and Things to See In and Around Punta Mita

CATEGORY: Things To Do | 04.20.2021

Once one of Mexico’s lesser-known vacation spots, Punta Mita’s propensity for luxury has quietly helped the oceanside town establish a following over the years. Still, this breathtaking village at the convergence of the Pacific Ocean and Banderas Bay welcomes guests with a spacious, relaxed slice of Mexican life than other more popular destinations. It’s no wonder people keep coming back. As you discover this unique ecosystem of lush tropical forests, stately mountains proudly watching over waters with captivating reefs, and local culture that’s sure to win you over, you’ll be enchanted by all that Punta Mita has to offer. Here are five can’t-miss things to do in Punta Mita for your next visit to this gateway to paradise:

1.Whale Watching

There are few things more majestic in life than watching a whale rise from the ocean with a giant splash and in Punta Mita, spotting these glorious marine mammals is not uncommon. Now is the perfect time of year for whale watching, as ocean safaris typically run starting in November or December, up until March. Tours leave from Banderas Bay and are guided by experts who take conversation and protecting the whale’s environment very much to heart. Be sure to have your camera ready and if you’re lucky, you might even catch a dolphin or two swimming alongside these behemoths.

2.Golf by the Ocean

Speaking of whales, ever golfed the “Tail of the Whale”? If not, then hitting the links in Punta Mita is a must.Home to not one, but two Jack Nicklaus-designed courses, the Bahia and the Pacifico, they offer incredible unobstructed views of the Sierra Madre Mountains, Bahi­a de Banderas and surfer haven El Faro. Plus, you can tell all of your golf buddies you’ve teed off from the world’s only natural-island green, the aforementioned “Tail of the Whale” at the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

3.Surfing in Sayulita

Just a half-hour drive up the Pacific coastline from Punta Mita is Sayulita, a town popular with the surfing crowd, as it features some of the most prodigious waves anywhere on the planet. There are seven distinct surf breaks to choose from, ranging in difficulty, but with something for all. (We recommend El Anclote and Stinky’s for beginners, and El Faro for more seasoned surfers.) With endless options for surfing lessons, plus boards, wax and wetsuits right at your fingertips, even full-fledged beginners can jump into the clear crystal-blue waters of Sayulita and catch a wave or two of their own.

4.Hiking Monkey Mountain

While you’re spending the day in Sayulita, if your legs aren’t tired from surfing, due south on the way back to Punta Mita is one of Mexico’s most invigorating hikes. At the end of the main road near Playa Patzcuaro is the start of Monkey Mountain trail, which leads up through jungle terrain to some of the most spectacular views of Mexican countryside. Hiking Monkey Mountain isn’t exactly a walk in the park, but it’s a challenge to anyone who enjoys a fun outdoor experience. The trek itself takes roughly four hours to complete, so keep water and snacks handy as you sit the summit and watch the coastline go by.

5.Tequila Tours

More than just an agent to liven up a night out in Mexico, tequila’s rich history is on display for those who partake in tours of appropriately named town of Tequila. Air-conditioned vans depart regularly for the three-hour trip to region of Jalisco. Once there, patrons can discover the spirit’s role in Mexican history, see the fields of blue agave from which Tequila is sourced, and enjoy a professional tasting of their own.

6.Islas Marietas National Park

Anyone who read our previous post on activities for outdoor lovers might recognize this one, but, regardless, it really is worth mentioning again. Harbours in Punta Mita offer day-trips and boat rides (roughly 8 km off the coast) to the secluded cluster of islands and once you arrive, you’re in for a treat. Slipping your toes into Hidden Beach, Islas Marietas’ feature attraction, is the perfect way to enjoy secluded sanctuary as you marvel at one of Mexico’s most unexpected wonders. But bird watchers and scuba enthusiasts alike also travel here to catch a glimpse of the world’s most diverse avian and marine life. All the wonderment of Punta Mita is waiting for you! Browse our properties in the area and get ready to experience all this remarkable Mexican village has to offer!