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Property Walkthrough: Casa Oliver

CATEGORY: Property Walkthrough | 01.23.2023

Mexico is home to some of the best beaches, local cuisine, and nightclubs in the entire world. People flock to Mexico all year round to take advantage of the sunshine, great weather, and friendly local atmosphere. But where should you stay during your vacation here?

Instead of spending money on a small hotel room or trying to save a few bucks by renting a hostel room, we have a better idea. Splurging on a Los Cabos vacation home can be the best way to ensure that you and all of your best pals have an unforgettable holiday with great amenities.

If you are looking to go on a holiday that spared no expense, then we have an incredible property that is tailored to luxury. We know that you might be looking to spend some time outside and entertain guests, so we have created an elegant home that is perfect for entertaining, hosting dozens of people, and ensuring everyone have the best vacation of their entire year.

Check out Casa Oliver, a large home that offers incredible views of the Sea of Cortez and the Baja Desert. This elegant house is ideally situated with the perfect vantage point of the beaches, towns, and nearby Los Cabos homes that make the area so desirable.

As soon as you see the home, you will notice the opulence. This house is for those who do not care about spending money during their holiday — but trust us, the extra fees come with an unforgettable house that is incredible in every single way.

Casa Oliver is a 7-bedroom, 8-bathroom house that is big enough to fit you and your 13 guests comfortably. When you walk up to the home, the detailed entryway with a large wooden trellis and arches immediately will have you excited to see the rest of the home.

And as you continue on, the trees, lights, and archways make the entire vibe feel like something out of a movie. The blend between the interior and exterior of the home makes this spacious mansion feel even bigger than it already is.

Continue on through your introductory tour and marvel at the high-end artwork. Stop and gaze at the detailed 3-panel artwork that hangs on the living room wall that reflects the view you see out of the large windows. Open the windows and immediately feel the cool breeze from the water as you take in the one-of-a-kind view of Los Cabos.

The combination of exterior air, bright windows, and warm interior lighting provides a relaxing and stress-free atmosphere that is ideal for vacation. Make your way into the cozy living room, complete with huge couches that are big enough to sit you and all of your guests. Sit on one of the plush couches or the chairs to enjoy a game of cards, watch TV, or have a few drinks with your pals.

If you want to take full advantage of the warm Caribbean air, head to the amazing outdoor pool, complete with large palm trees, outdoor couches, dining tables, and umbrellas to block the shade during a sunny day. We love sitting out here to read a book or have drinks during happy hour.

During your stay in Cabo at Casa Oliver, you can take full advantage of high-end amenities you won’t find anywhere else. Forget having to cook for yourself — you can kick back, relax, and enjoy a five-course dinner served by your private chef and butler. Need more drinks for your guests? Just ask us!

Plus, the daily housekeeping ensures that no part of your home is left dirty. If you come into the house with sand on your feet or make a mess in the kitchen from an all-night party, our housekeeping services are there to make sure you wake up to a clean home in the morning.

And our security system is a high-tech installation that ensures you will feel safe during the entirety of your stay. Not only is this house in a luxurious neighborhood, but the security system offers every single one of your guests extra peace of mind.

And last but not least, we offer a complimentary service that brings you from the busy airport to your villa in just a few minutes. Ride in style with our car service and forget about having to rent a car or book a taxi during your stay in Cabo.

If opulence is what you are after, Casa Oliver is the ideal place for you and your friends. This high-end and luxurious property is the perfect home for you to go for a swim, spend time sitting outside and gazing at the view, and cool off inside after a long day of exploring Los Cabos.

Kick back with a bottle of 1800 Tequila and enjoy your private pool, spacious living room, and air-conditioned mansion from Elegant Mexico. Reach out today to learn more about booking Casa Oliver!