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Red and white roses for a Cabo romantic getaway

Book Your Romantic Valentine’s Getaway to Los Cabos Today!

CATEGORY: Holidays | 12.28.2022

While love notes, candies, and roses tend to define Valentine’s Day for many couples, those looking for something a bit more spectacular this year will find it waiting for them in Los Cabos. This mesmerizing vacation destination in Mexico is one where couples can leave the traditional Valentine’s Day expectations behind and swap them out for something thrilling and new instead. From the stunning beaches to the blue waves that lap the shoreline, couples with shared interests of all types will find an endless number of romantic reasons to make Cabo romantic getaway their preferred destination this year. Whether you’re a couple that shows love through delicious dining options, or you’re a pair that can’t wait to make the most of on-the-water fun, Los Cabos has something wonderfully romantic waiting for you.

Visit Playa del Amor

Translated to mean Lover’s Beach, Playa del Amor is a must-visit for those who are heading this way over February 14th. As one of the area’s most iconic beaches, Playa del Amor is a fun one to add to the itinerary. It’s also well worth your while if you’re excited by amazing views and access to great swimming and snorkeling opportunities too. To reach Playa del Amor, you’ll need to rent a boat, hop on a water taxi, or enjoy a glass-bottom boat tour depending on preference. On your way out to the beach, you’ll be treated to sights of rock arches and formations reaching out of the water toward the style in spectacular style. Be sure to bring your camera and snap a few photos along the way before digging your toes into the sand here.

Make Time for a Whale Watching Tour

Couples heading to Los Cabos this Valentine’s Day with a love for wildlife will find themselves right on time to book a whale-watching tour while they’re in town. The Los Cabos whale watching season runs from December through April each year as these incredible creatures migrate through the waters in pursuit of the perfect place to expand their pods. Seeing them swim through the waters is a breathtaking sight and there are a variety of eco-friendly tours you can take that make for a safe and thrilling experience for whales and people alike. Both humpback whales and gray whales can be viewed this time of year and if you book a tour with a hydrophone, you’ll have the opportunity to listen for whale sons underwater as well. Some of these whales can reach sizes of up to 50 feet while even newborn calves are between 10 and 15 feet in length. Getting close gives tour guests a better perspective on these enormous and impossibly graceful creatures. It’s a Valentine’s Day adventure you won’t want to miss.

Focus on Luxurious Rejuvenation with a Spa Day

Life doesn’t always give us the time we really need to restore and revitalize. A Valentine’s Day trip to Los Cabos is the perfect moment for couples to embrace the best of refreshing and relaxing moments by booking a spa session that speaks to their needs and preferences alike. Le Blanc Spa is a wonderful option for those who are looking for a full-service experience complete with massage, wraps, exfoliating treatments, aromatherapy, and hot stones too. This adult-only spa has a state-of-the-art lineup of menu offerings to choose from and the space itself is designed to be a sanctuary of restoration. Ocean views abound from this day spa and guests can include dips in infinity pools in their booking package. Couples’ massages can be followed up by time in a spacious steam room and world-class fare can be built into the experience as well upon request.

Book a Romantic Dinner for Two

While Los Cabos is an oasis of fantastic flavor when it comes to dining options for guests, couples heading this way over Valentine’s Day will find a reservation at Sunset Monalisa particularly romantic! This popular eatery provides its guests with spectacular ocean views over impressive cliffs paired with one-of-a-kind menu options and world-class service. Sunset Monalisa has its own Champagne bar in place and the Mediterranean cuisine that dominates the menu is bound to inspire the palette. Whether couples dine indoors or head out to the terrace, an evening of elegance, romance, and luxury awaits.

Book a Cabo Romantic Getaway

Couples who can’t wait to elevate their Valentine’s Day in Los Cabos will find booking accommodations through Elegant Mexico to be a sure way to savor the stay at every turn. Our luxurious collection of villas is perfect for couples who want to embrace the best of sophisticated living while visiting this gorgeous vacation destination. Reach out today to learn more about our top-tier lineup of options to choose from and how our team can help you customize your Los Cabos getaway!