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New Year’s in Mexico: Los Cabos Celebrations

CATEGORY: Things To Do | 12.22.2021

Considering New Year’s in Mexico? Make it Los Cabos for 2022. Traveling to Los Cabos for a holiday is always in style, especially around New Year. Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo have become festive hotspots where celebrations take hold in colorful variety. Whether you are a gourmand, party enthusiast, romantic soul, or simply curious, you’ll find endless opportunities to have a great time during New Year festivities in Cabo.

For example, you can choose to welcome the new year by partying at a nightclub, dining at a restaurant, or watching fireworks from the beach or the sea. And you won’t have to bring warm clothing because Los Cabos features warm weather and water this time of year.

There are many reasons why you should check out Los Cabos for the New Year sooner rather than later, so read on to learn more.

Where to Find New Year Festivities?

New Year’s in Mexico can be vibrant. And famous Cabo San Lucas, brimming with nightclubs, beach bars, and other nightlife facilities, boasts first-class nightlife and a continuous party scene. If you are after something more laid-back, consider San Jose del Cabo – the capital of the Los Cabos municipality – renowned for its art scene.

Also, various resorts line the Los Cabos Tourist Corridor that runs between these destinations. And they may have special New Year Eve programs that are wild and happening with plenty of local flair.

Shopping in Cabo San Lucas

How to Spend the End of 2021 in Cabo

You have many opportunities to choose from to spend the last day of 2021 in Los Cabos. And these are a few of them:

  • Shopping in Cabo San Lucas, the prime shopping destination in the region, is going to spoil you. Amble around the marina, mall and downtown area to browse souvenir shops or check out specialty stores selling Cuban cigars, jewelry, and other sought-after goods.
  • Do some beach-hopping to get a bronze tan and/or scout beach bars before New Year’s Eve parties kick off. Medano, Santa Maria, Lover’s, and Chileno beaches are some of the beaches to check out.
  • Whale watching is another reason why people head to Los Cabos around New Year. You can either go to a beach (Santa Maria, for example) or book a guided tour to see these giant cetaceans in action.
  • A relaxing sunset cruise is an ideal prelude to the New Year’s party that awaits you once your boat anchors in the marina. As the sun descends beyond the horizon and soft light baths the coastline, enjoy the moment with a specially-selected drink at hand. It’s also a good way to end New Year’s Day when anything more active might prove problematic.

Cabo New Year’s Eve Celebrations

You can choose among many events to bid farewell to the old and welcome the New Year in Cabo. Enjoying an evening dinner at a restaurant or having a party at a nightclub or a beach bar are some options that won’t disappoint. Of course, lighting a candle on the beach and watching the starry sky before grand fireworks go off may be just the ticket for romantic couples.

Los Cabos Party
Ringing in the New Year at Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort

Partying in Los Cabos

Partying is a trademark of this north-western region in Mexico, and not only for a New Year’s Eve. And many party enthusiasts travel to Los Cabos – Cabo San Lucas, in particular – for this very reason. In short, many visitors agree that the local party scene is among the best, if not the very finest, they experienced.

Note that parties may be a part of the holiday package if you book one. If you search locally, there are two criteria you might wish to take into consideration:

  • If a party comes with a hefty price tag, it’s likely a luxury event that caters to travelers visiting the region.
  • Affordable parties typically attract locals, but they are happy to have tourists joining them.

Finally, you can look for a party everywhere since they take place at beach bars, clubs, restaurants, resorts, spas, and town piazzas.

Cabo’s New Year Events

Various events take place around Christmas and New Year’s in Cabo, and these are some of them:

  • Feasts with specially-selected menus are available at hotels and restaurants, many of which are world-class eateries. For example, you could have a welcome cocktail, a five-course menu, and a midnight glass of champagne on offer. Classic, festive, or some other music accompanies the event.
  • Dancing the night away at nightclubs and bars is another popular option for welcoming the New Year in Los Cabos. As a bonus, you may enjoy performances by DJs, acrobats, and other special guests.
  • If you are for something less common, why not try meditation on New Year’s Eve? Along the way, you might let your creativity run loose with something such as mala making.

In addition, you can enjoy grand fireworks taking place at midnight. Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas is ground zero for the most spectacular fireworks and parties in the region. Even if you opt for another place to celebrate the arrival of the New Year, there are many fireworks shows you can watch along Cabo beaches, both from land and aboard a boat.

New Year's in Mexico

New Year’s in Mexico

If you travel to Los Cabos for New Year, you may welcome it the way the Mexicans do. So, consider practicing some of the following New Year traditions in Mexico:

  • According to beliefs, wearing brightly hued underwear may bring you luck next year. Choose red to attract love, yellow to have more money or green for better health.
  • Another way to ensure better finances and additional love is to have a glass of sparkling wine or Champaign with a ring in the glass. But, there’s a catch!!! You must leave the ring in the glass afterward, or the ritual won’t work.
  • You’re likely to find grapes at your party. When midnight comes, eat 12 of them while quietly calling out what you want. The grapes represent 12 wishes and the 12 months in which they will be granted.
  • Staging and watching grand fireworks is another big tradition in Mexico and Los Cabos. This practice is believed to scare evil spirits and bring luck in the New Year.
  • If you wish to have more fun travel moments in your life, try this – walk a suitcase around the block or place it in the middle of the room for people to walk around it.
  • Eating lentils is another way to ensure good fortune in the coming year. Eat a tablespoon of cooked lentils and offer your companions and relatives a handful of raw lentils as well to share the wealth.

Do one or a few of these handy New Year’s rituals while you are in Los Cabos and chances are you will live to see a few more Los Cabos beach holidays in your future.

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