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Food Festivals – Get a Taste of Los Cabos

CATEGORY: Los Cabos Guides | 04.20.2021

There are so many wonderful things about Los Cabos. The sun, beaches, and lush green landscapes come to mind. But what’s the one thing everyone who visits Los Cabos falls in love with?

The food! Mexico has one of the tastiest cuisines in the world. If you’ve never been to Mexico, you can’t really know what authentic Mexican food is like. You’ve got to experience it first-hand! Mexican cuisine is considered an ancient one, with techniques and recipes developed over thousands of years. Add in the fact that ingredients and tastes change by region, and you’ve got pretty diverse menus. What’s the best way to experience all the varieties of Mexican flavours? A food festival! An event like this in Los Cabos is the perfect playground for foodies to sample specialties from all over Mexico. You’ll be able to taste traditional and contemporary offerings, often in a perfect fusion, made by chefs from all over the country. Since there’s so much going on in Los Cabos, we’ve found the best of the best Los Cabos food festivals for you. Read on to find out what’s cooking in the area!

Sabor a Cabo International Food & Wine Festival

The Sabor a Cabo Festival is the region’s largest culinary festival. It was started in 2005 by a group of local chefs who wanted the celebrate the unique restaurant scene found in Los Cabos. They also wanted to support and give back to their communities by committing contributions to local social initiatives and charities. Since its inauguration, proceeds from ticket sales have gone to the Cuerpo de Bomberos de Cabo San Lucas (volunteer firefighters), the Los Cabos Red Cross and the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation. The festival is held every year in late November and early December across many different venues, which rotate from year to year. The festival actually consists of several events, and spans just over a week. The main night that kicks off the festival is called the Sabor a Cabo Magno Event. This night is often held on a luxury golf course or some other stunning seaside site. This is a fun event where you’ll try foods and drinks from over 60 restaurants and 40 wineries. There are mixologists there too, so don’t forget to sip some mezcal and tequila.

You’ll be mingling with friends, foodies, and culinarians while you dig in to some gourmet dishes as the sun sets on the ocean. In addition to amazing food, there’s great entertainment. Past musical guests included Grammy winner Lila Downs, the all-time best-selling Latin American rock band Man¡, and R&B legends Earth, Wind & Fire. You’ll also be treated to live cooking demonstrations with international chefs. Perhaps the most exciting element of the evening, aside from the good eats, is the Chef Con Sabor A Cabo. In this competition, attendees will be able to vote in various categories such as best red wine, best sweet dish, and others. In another exciting competition, 10 spots are available for restaurants to enter with an international chef they have invited. In this live cooking competition, they must prepare a gourmet dish to blow all the others out of the water. The action is shown on big screens so you can watch the meticulous detail and care each chef puts into their craft. The dishes will then be judged by the Sabor a Cabo by American Express Committee. Only one can win the prize!

The big night doesn’t put an end to the festival, however. Next comes the Sabor a Cabo Gastronomic Week, where participating restaurants all over Cabo prepare exclusive meals and dining experiences for festival attendees. Over 60 restaurants participate, so this is your chance to try the best of what Los Cabos has to offer. There are also smaller events happening all around town. These aren’t the same every year, so be sure to check the program, but in the past we’ve seen some really cool mini-festivals. Attendees loved Oktoberfest and Los Cabos BeerFest! The most popular of all mini-fests is the Cabo a Sabor Rural Festival, usually held at the end of the Gastronomic week. Its attendees travel to a nearby rural area to get a real taste of traditional Mexican cooking. Participating restaurants, usually around 20, prepare dishes made with organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and other locally sourced ingredients. To make it even more authentic, restaurants must produce their own eggs and honey for the dishes they make. This amazing farm-to-table event will show you just how mouthwatering farm to table cuisine can be. Ready to go? You can get tickets at the Cabo A Sabor website. Seats start at $325 USD and proceeds go to charity so you’ll be enjoying gourmet Mexican cuisine while supporting local initiatives.

Other Los Cabos Festivals

Sabores de Baja Festival in Miraflores

The small town of Miraflores is mostly known as the main organic farming community in the Los Cabos area. The best restaurants get their produce from here, so what better than a food festival right at the source? They also celebrate pitahayas, the favourite local fruit of the Miraflores indigenous community. This young festival usually happens in April. The focus here is traditional cuisine and organic farming. It’s small and less glitzy than some of the bigger festivals, but that’s exactly why it’s so charming. This colorful festival offers an authentic experience that will stay in your heart long after you leave. You can get tickets and more information here.

Gastrovino Baja Food & Wine Festival

This festival is the second largest in Los Cabos. Since 2012, the event has been held in the town of Todos Santos, which holds the title of Pueblo Magico (Magic Village)This moniker was given to around 100 small and overlooked towns across Mexico by the Tourism Board to let tourists know where something really special can be found. There are colorful flags, hidden artisanal shops and quaint cobblestone roads that give Todos Santos a magical feel. It’s the perfect place for a food festival. This weekend-long event was created by the owner of a local wine and olive oil shop. Indulge in local wines, imported cheese, and authentic Mexican dishes. The main event happens in the town square on Sunday, where guests can enjoy live music and a silent auction to benefit local programs for children. Visit the Gastrovino Baja Food & Wine Festival site for tickets and more information about this exciting program.

You won’t run out of things to try at any of these festivals, but we’ve got a few suggestions for mouthwatering meals you should keep an eye out for. You simply can’t leave before trying these dishes. And while you’re checking out the different tables and chefs at the festivals, make sure to sample what these top 10 restaurants in Los Cabos have to offer. If you’re craving the flavours of Mexico, Los Cabos is the place to be. You won’t find food like this anywhere else, and you can stay in the lap of luxury in your own private villa. All the amenities and pampering you expect from a resort will be available exclusively to you. And for those days you won’t be festival hopping, many of our rentals have a private chef so you can enjoy gourmet dining in your own. Book with us today for the perfect holiday home!