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Check Out These Trips You Can Experience from Your Villa!

CATEGORY: Los Cabos Villas | 04.20.2021

The Baja Peninsula is a haven for luxury travelers who want to explore some of the top vacation destinations in the world – and it’s all a short distance from your private villa rental with Elegant Mexico! If you’re more interested in a vacation centered around adventure and exploring over tanning by the pool, there is a rich cultural history, endless natural wonders, and a number of hidden gems waiting to be discovered outside of your villa; check out these top day trips from Los Cabos that should be on your vacation must-do list!

Todos Santos

Just over an hour’s drive from the Villas Del Mar private community in Los Cabos, near the southern tip of the peninsula, lies the quaint town of Todos Santos. Famed for its artisan shops, eclectic galleries, and bohemian vibe, Todos Santos is the best-kept secret of the Baja region. Spend your day wandering the cobblestone streets lined with charming shops and traditional haciendas. And stop for a bite to eat in one of the many authentic Mexican eateries where you can guarantee the ingredients are all fresh and local. Or relax on the pristine white sandy beach where life moves with the rhythm of the tide. For avid surfers, Todos Santos is a top pick along the peninsula to catch amazing surf all year round. There’s also an array of water activities to enjoy from snorkelling tours to fishing excursions, to underwater eco-adventures; there’s something to please everyone! The best part of this trip? The views on the way there. Sit back and enjoy panoramic views of the Pacific! As with all day trips from Cabo, the Elegant Mexico concierge team will take care of the travel arrangements, and any other reservations you’d like to make on your day away.

La Paz

Venturing slightly further north, Baja California Sur’s capital city, Laz Paz, is about a 2-hour car ride from your villa in Cabo. As the region’s capital, it has a slightly more cosmopolitan feel and is definitely worth a visit. If you want to add a splash of culture to your excursion, there’s no shortage of beautiful old buildings and churches around the Plaza Constitucion to explore. Learn about the city’s rich hidden history from a private tour guide, who will take you to some of the less touristy attractions a little off the beaten track for an experience like no other. After dining in one of La Paz’s world-class restaurants take an evening stroll along the waterfront malecón to get the best views of the sun setting; this place is a beach lover’s paradise!

Thermal Springs, Los Cabos

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the joys of kicking back in a bubbling hot tub surrounded by nothing but mother nature, now is your chance. Forget the traditional outdoor tub, we’re talking about natural hot springs that are your just reward at the end of a great adventure. Known to locals for generations, there are several hot spots in the Sierra de la Laguna Biosphere just north of Los Cabos that’s home to this natural phenomenon. While some of the springs are off-limits to visitors for preservation reasons, there are two that are accessible: El Chorro and Santa Rita hot springs. Perfect for a day of natural exploration, grab your swimwear head out on your adventure!

Cascada Sol De Mayo, Santiago

Just an hour north of Los Cabos lies the sleepy town of Santiago where you’ll find yourself in an old agricultural world surrounded by orchards of mangoes, oranges and grapefruit. Spend a morning discovering the charm of Santiago town, then take a short trip to the secluded Cascada Sol De Mayo nearby where you’ll discover a hidden 40ft waterfall and one of the region’s most beautiful natural attractions. If it’s an afternoon making a splash in the great outdoors you’re after, this is a must for those looking to discover a world off the grid. Staying at an Elegant Mexico property in Los Cabos means you’re only a stone’s throw from the absolute best that the Baja Peninsula has to offer. As part of your personalized vacation experience, we’ll tailor your day away to you and your group’s needs; just let us know what is it you’re looking for!