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You Won’t Regret a Halloween Spent in Los Cabos!

CATEGORY: Holidays | 10.20.2022

Los Cabos is a sensational vacation destination to add to your calendar year-round. Travelers coming for Halloween to Los Cabos will have even more to enjoy in the way of holiday fun! The following are a few activities and attractions you will want to include on the itinerary to maximize the adventure.

Celebrate at El Squid Roe

When it comes to vacation destinations that have a reputation for amazing nightlife, Los Cabos definitely sits near the top of the list for many travelers! This vibrant and exciting locale is loved by visitors with a passion for dancing and celebrating surrounded by beauty well into the early morning hours. Those that are headed this way over Halloween and looking for a one-stop resource for all things holiday party fun will find it at El Squid Roe in Cabo San Lucas. Located along Boulevard Lazaro Cardenas right downtown, El Squid Roe isn’t hard to spot thanks to its colorful façade and endless stream of music that makes for an inviting and exciting ambiance no matter when you drop by. In total, this eatery, bar, and dance hall spans three floors and it’s common to find that the crowds are impressive with good reason. A live DJ is always on-hand here while the selection of drinks alongside delicious tacos, burgers, and pizzas just to name a few are sure to satisfy. While it’s a great place to stop by around Halloween and take part in costumed dancing fun, there are always options for guests to book VIP packages when you’re looking for more in the way of space and service. Don’t be surprised when tables turn into dance floors at El Squid Roe. It’s a place where you can really put your moves to the test this Halloween in Los Cabos!

Enjoy the Golfshot Night Driving Range at the Cabo San Lucas Country Club

For those travelers heading to Los Cabos this Halloween with an unwavering passion for golf intact, spending time at the Cabo San Lucas Country Club’s Golfshot night driving range promises to please. This unique activity is open to the public Monday through Saturday and is a wonderful option when you want to work on your drive, but also can’t wait to spend time with friends and top it all off with delicious food and drinks afterward. The Golfshot driving range at the Cabo San Lucas Country Club is artificially illuminated in the evenings, providing options for golfers to keep working on their long game well after the sun goes down. While there are 50 driving boxes on-site, reservations are required to make sure there’s space for everyone to enjoy the evening without stress. Targets can be set at different ranges to accommodate golfers of all skill levels and including savory snacks into the mix is always an option too. Of course, those who are looking for something more filling will want to be sure to head over to VIVA Restaurant when they’re done at the driving range. Be sure to keep your eye on the event calendar as there’s a good chance that much like in years past, 2022 could potentially see the return of the Halloween Golfshot event which is a costume-friendly night of practice and holiday activities!

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Ollin Cabo Chocolateria

Halloween has a way of being a holiday focused on savory fun. If you’re a Los Cabos-bound traveler with a serious Halloween sweet tooth to satisfy, heading to Ollin Cabo Chocolateria won’t disappoint. This unique chocolate shop in Cabo San Lucas is open from 10:00 am until 7:00 pm daily. Here, visitors can try a wide variety of handcrafted chocolates that are produced on-site from bean to the final product. Ingredients are locally sourced in Mexico and the on-site staff is happy to offer insight into the incredible production process that leads to such mouthwatering products! The artisanal chocolate bars available here are infused with various flavors, and all products are made with 100% Mexican cocoa.

Visit El Triunfo

This time of year, adventurers tend to look for places to explore that have otherworldly vibes and those heading to Los Cabos are no exception to the rule! The best way to remedy this pull is to head to El Triunfo while you’re here. While El Triunfo was once a bustling and thriving silver mining town, today, it’s more of a historic relic with some referring to it as ghostly. A trip this way comes with the opportunity to take a guided tour and learn more about the area’s rich mining past. It’s also a chance to check out the music museum and the Museo de Plata which focuses on the town’s history. If you’re looking for an opportunity to perhaps connect with a ghostly moment, make your way to some of the abandoned area’s mines—there are plenty of people who hold strong to the belief that these are haunted spaces.

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