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While every traveler’s idea of an idyllic getaway is slightly different, there are some destinations that are so versatile they speak to travelers of all types. Among those alluring locales is the scenic destination of Los Cabos, Mexico. Here, adventurers looking to make the most of on-the-water fun, sun-soaked moments on the shoreline, and in-town entertainment venues alike will find everything they’re searching for and more. Los Cabos is brimming over with a rich arts and culture scene as well as historical stops and a collection of savory restaurants to enjoy along the way as well. While some come to Los Cabos for the vibrant nightlife, others come to relax in style on the beach, far from the hustle of daily life.

Of course, for all of the fun and entertainment a trip this way provides, having access to luxurious accommodations to top it all off makes it that much better. That’s where the team at Elegant Mexico comes in. Our collection of stunning villas across Los Cabos is designed to inspire and our team is here to consistently offer the world-class service to match. While we pride ourselves on providing our guests with amazing villa experiences, we also go above and beyond when it comes to private tours and area excursions. Our concierge team can handle requests of all kinds when it comes to booking trips that are sure to please! Those who are visiting Los Cabos with a passion for encounters with incredible marine life simply won’t want to miss out on our Whales InCabo tour the next time they’re here. Check out this whale watching Cabo experience below!

Unforgettable Whale Watching Tours in Cabo San Lucas

While land-based fun in Los Cabos is a huge draw for travelers, what exists below the surrounding waves promises to be equally intriguing! The Whales InCabo private tour is a chance for marine life enthusiasts to get a close look at some truly stunning sights. As whales migrate through the waters around Los Cabos throughout the year, they offer up a unique chance for whale watching that’s serene and inspiring alike. Humpback whales and gray whales alike can be spotted in the waters around Los Cabos. The humpback migration typically begins around November with the peak numbers arriving in mid-December. While this time of year is ideal for sightings, making the most of whale-focused scenery in the water is entirely possible through the beginning of the year too. In fact, it may be even more meaningful this time of year because January and February mark the arrival of a brand-new batch of baby humpback whales known as calves! Through March and April, adults and their young will swim the waters around Los Cabos before heading out toward early May.

Whale watching Cabo tour participants looking forward to spotting gray whales in the water will find that this species typically begins showing up in January in small groups. These clusters of gray whales generally linger in the area through March. Unlike their humpback counterparts, gray whales have their babies further north, but provide ample spotting opportunities around Los Cabos because they tend to be observed closer to shore than humpbacks.

While whale watchers might assume that the calm waters of the early morning hours would provide prime viewing opportunities, it tends to be afternoon and late afternoon excursions that provide the most dramatic scenes! This is often due to tides, winds, and whale feeding patterns throughout the day. By later in the day, earlier morning outings have also revealed where the whales tend to be spending time, making it easier to maximize chances of getting a glimpse!

Enjoy a Private Tour with the Professionals at InCabo

Guests who book their Los Cabos accommodations through Elegant Mexico will have prime access to whale watching in Cabo San Lucas through this tour operated by the professionals at InCabo. This team has been providing exceptional and specialized tour opportunities throughout Los Cabos for over 20 years and is known for their unparalleled service standards, attention to detail, and customized care paired with local knowledge. Guides who work with InCabo are certified naturalists, biologists, and local experts. As a luxury travel boutique and destination management company, InCabo specializes in creating unforgettable guest experiences from start to finish. Their Whales InCabo adventure is no exception to the rule!

Tour Specifics

When you book a Whales InCabo private tour, you’re in for a thrilling ride! This specialized tour lasts two hours total and offers tour guests access to a private luxury speed boat as well as a private guide. Recommended times of year to book this particular excursion range from December to March in accordance with marine migration patterns.

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