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Whale Shark Bucketlist

As important as it is to keep up with life’s responsibilities, it’s just as vital to make time to unwind somewhere scenic and exciting once in a while. Planning a picturesque getaway to Los Cabos, Mexico is a sure way to relax, and unwind at your very own pace. This beautiful and endlessly inviting vacation destination keeps travelers coming back for more in the name of sugar-white shorelines, inspiring blue waves, and access to arts, culture, and culinary scenes that are made to thrill! Whether you’re one for time in the great outdoors or you’re looking forward to embracing Los Cabos’s notoriously vibrant nightlife, it’s a place where visitors can indulge their interests of all types.

Making even more of your stay means booking luxurious accommodations through the team at Elegant Mexico. Our collection of stunning villas is sure to inspire, and our concierge team can also help with booking private tours that take your trip to the next level. Among them is the Whale Shark Bucketlist tour offered through our partners at InCabo. It’s a breathtaking way to get up close to amazing marine life and enjoy views that are one-of-a-kind too. Read on to learn more about this whale shark tour in Cabo!

What Is a Whale Shark?

Scientifically known as rhincodon typus, whale sharks are the largest shark gracing the Earth’s waters today! In fact, they also hold the title as the largest of any fish alive. However, don’t let the shark title fool you. A whale shark feeds exclusively on plankton and is a friendly face to encounter in the ocean as they travel long distances to find enough food to accommodate their massive dimensions! Whale sharks are estimated to be about 30 feet long on average, weigh upward of 20,000 pounds, and can dive up to depths of 1,000 meters to find food. They embrace habitats in all of the world’s tropical oceans and their spotted white coloration makes them easy to spot upon arrival. They’re often referred to as gentle giants of the water and tolerate snorkelers and divers within their feeding grounds without any aggression. They only swim at an average speed of around 3 mph which allows them plenty of time to filet their plankton catch. Whale sharks inhale massive amounts of water through their mouth before filtering it out their gills, leaving only the plankton behind to be digested. They’re friendly, peaceful ocean-dwelling creatures that are captivating to see up close!

Discover Unforgettable Whale Shark Encounters in Los Cabos

The whale shark migration towards the Sea of Cortez happens between November and March each year. This is the perfect time for travelers to book their Whale Shark Bucketlist private tour with InCabo and get a close look at these impressive and docile marine creatures. Unlike traditional whale watching in Cabo San Lucas, a Whale Shark Bucketlist tour is a chance to not only view whale sharks from a customized vessel but hop in the water and swim alongside them! Snorkeling with a whale shark is a thrilling and unforgettable adventure from start to finish. Alongside your private guide, guests will find they can comfortably take on this whale shark tour in Cabo with confidence. It’s an amazing hands-on way to learn more about the ecology and marine habitats in this area as well. Private Cabo whale shark tours keep snorkeling numbers minimal, providing a relaxed environment for both people and whale sharks alike.

Enjoy a Private Tour with the Professionals at InCabo

Booking a stay through Elegant Mexico is a sure way for Los Cabos-bound travelers to make the most of the luxurious accommodation standards they deserve while they’re in town. Those who book Cabo whale shark tours through us as well will have the privilege of adventuring alongside the best in the business at InCabo! This luxury travel boutique and destination management company has been serving the greater Los Cabos area for over 20 years and employs a team of guides who are certified naturalists, biologists, and local experts. They’re fully dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences for guests that exceed expectations at every turn. Their Whale Shark Bucketlist experience is no exception to that rule.  

Tour Specifics

Guests who reserve their place on a Whale Shark Bucketlist private tour through InCabo are in for a sensational experience. This specialized whale shark tour in Cabo is an all-day event that runs for an average of eight hours at a time. Tour participants will enjoy access to a private vehicle to reach their adventure destination as well as a private boat upon arrival. While the high migration time of the year for whale sharks is November through March, this private tour is led by experienced guides who know the waters well and can successfully lead groups between October and June with shark-spotting success!

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