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The Ultimate Punta Mita Surfing Guide

CATEGORY: Los Cabos Villas | 04.20.2021

Home to some of the most pristine white sandy beaches in the world, turquoise warm waters, and impressive crashing waves, Punta Mita is a surfer’s haven. Welcoming thousands of avid surfers every year to come and make a splash in this aquatic playground, no vacation to Punta Mita would be complete without hopping on a board and hitting the water to see for yourself. If you’re planning your next vacation to Punta Mita with Elegant Mexico, make sure to take note of all the hot spots in the region to catch the best surfing in Punta Mita!

When’s the best time to go?

The beauty of Punta Mita is that you can visit at virtually any point during the year and still get amazing conditions for surfing. The westerly pointing curvature of its coast means there are always appropriate surf breaks to be found depending on the weather conditions. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be able to catch some waves. Winter has been deemed the preferred season by local surfers with slightly better conditions on average than the rest of the year. The best part? You won’t be going board-to-board with others for the same surf. Despite its popularity among international surfers, the consistently good conditions throughout the year mean there isn’t a mad flock to the area at a specific time.

Where should I go?

En Anclote Perfect for beginners, the break here is typically slow and long meaning you’ll get more time on your board (if you stay on!) to nail down your technique. Go here when the tide is low and you’re in for an afternoon of fun surrounded by stunning natural terrain. Best for: Longboarders     Stinky’s Another hot spot that’s ideal for those new to surfing, Stinky’s is a popular choice for anyone in search of a more gentle introduction to water sports with the breaks being long and slow. How did it get its not so attractive name? This surfing break is located beside a jetty that provides cover for small fishing boats and the delightful smells that come from it! Best for: Beginners   El Faro   Found at the most westerly point of the peninsula, the waves at El Faro are usually surfed as right, and are ideal for those a little more advanced who want to tackle something more challenging, with long and fast rides. Best for: Right surfers, long and short boards     La Lancha With breaks reaching up to 10ft, this a popular choice for both left and right surfers who can tackle big waves! La Lancha is renowned for being extremely consistent with the size and speed of the waves and is also known for the wildlife swimming below the surface. If you’re lucky enough, you might be joined by a turtle on your ride! Best for: Left and right surfers, long and short boards

Punta Burros With consistently good conditions and waves that are a little speedier than La Lancha, this right reef break found in the neighboring town of Puerto Vallarta is considered one of the best spots in the whole region. With rides ranging from 30-200 metres depending on the tide and swell, any intermediate and advanced surfers will absolutely love spending an adrenaline fuelled day here chasing huge Pacific waves! Best for: Long and short board, intermediate to advanced Punta Mita, the ‘Malibu of Mexico’, is home to over 20 surf breaks; we’ve only just scratched the surface! For any complete beginners, or those that want to improve their skills on a board, why not take advantage of the many surf schools found around Punta Mita and learn from the pros.

If you’re staying in one of our luxury villa rentals in the area, let the Elegant Mexico concierge team know what you’d like to get from your surfing vacation and we will be sure to make all of the arrangements for you! Time to make a splash!