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The Best Blue Flag Beaches of Los Cabos

CATEGORY: Los Cabos Guides | 04.20.2021

A vacation to the tropical wonderland of Los Cabos can never be complete without soaking in the sun and inhaling the fresh breeze. However, there’s another very good reason to be on a beach in Cabo. Most of them are certified as a ‘blue flag beach’, which makes them one of the safest and ecologically pristine destinations. Here’s all you need to know about the blue flag beaches of Los Cabos.


What is a blue flag beach 

The blue flag program is one of its kind environmental education and safety program launched by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). Present in 77 countries, FEE runs pivotal programs to improve the sustainability of ecologically sensitive sites. The blue flag program was launched by FEE to recognize beaches, marinas, and tour operators all over the world, for contributing to the goal of creating a more sustainable, and fulfilling experience.

Approximately 4500 beaches across 47 countries are rated as ‘blue flag’ beach by FEE. The label is one of the most recognized ecological symbols in the world and considered as a hallmark of sustainable, clean, and safe beaches.

Why it’s worth visiting a blue flag beach

In order to receive recognition from FEE, the beach or marina has to pass stringent environmental, educational, and accessibility conditions. Also, these conditions have to be met year after year in order to retain the blue flag status. Due to the scrutiny and challenging requirements to meet the sustainability goals, every certified blue flag beach can be expected to reflect some of the following attributes.

  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle
  • Conducts safety education and informs steps to mitigate disasters
  • Plans activities for social well-being
  • Ensures better water quality and sanitation levels
  • Contributes to new jobs and local economies
  • Recycling-friendly
  • Protects the marine life
  • Safe for women and promotes gender equality

Ready to explore all the blue flag beaches in Los Cabos? Here’s what you need to know about each one of them.

The old man’s beach – Playa Acapulquito

In startling contrast to its name, this sandy beach is perhaps more of a delight for the thrill-seekers with its vibrant surfing culture. Known as a surfer’s paradise, Acapulquito is great for surfers at all levels. It’s just minutes away from beach resorts like Club 96, and One & Only Palmilla makes this beach a dream destination for a relaxing getaway.

Activities and the best time to visit Acapulquito

The blue flag season for the old man’s beach lasts all year round, making it a safe choice for your family. Other great things to do at Acapulquito include snorkeling and swimming.

Nearest city or town

San Jose Del Cabo

Palmilla, the most famous beach in Los Cabos 

Perhaps the most famous beach in Los Cabos, Palmilla has everything you can imagine a beach vacation to be. From luxurious resorts to deep water adventures, this blue flag beach is ideal for a variety of leisure activities. After attaining the blue flag label in 2017, Palmilla has only grown in stature as a versatile and friendly day trip location.

Activities and the best time to visit Palmilla

Palmilla is especially famous for whale watching, as per the blue flag listing. While November to April is great for whale watching, a host of other activities during the rest of the year make Palmilla a must-visit beach on your Mexican vacation.

Nearest city or town

San Jose Del Cabo

Snorkeling spectacle of Santa Maria & El Chileno 

Known primarily for pristine waters rich in marine diversity, Santa Maria is also very picturesque with its beautiful horseshoe shape. It’s also easily accessible with a short walk from a large parking lot that makes it one of the most convenient beaches in Cabo San Lucas. As one of the blue flag beaches, Santa Maria has a very friendly vibe, with a visitor’s kiosk, outdoor showers, and bathrooms. These facilities also make it perfect for a long day on the beach. Just a little more than a mile away, Chileno is a great alternative for snorkeling, especially if you are staying longer than a few days, and want to visit both.

Activities and the best time to visit Santa Maria & El Chileno

As one of the smaller beaches in Cabo San Lucas, Santa Maria tends to get crowded on weekends, and during the holiday season. An early morning trip is best for quiet undersea exploration.

Nearest city or town

Cabo San Lucas

Las Viudas, the hidden gem of Cabo 

Your private beach dream can come true at Las Viudas. One of the lesser-known beaches of Cabo, Las Viudas is a quiet and serene day trip location. Although plenty of resorts and great places to stay can be found right next to Las Viudas, there aren’t many vendors right on the beach. So if you plan to spend the entire day here, bringing your own drinks and food is highly recommended.

Activities around Las Viudas

Whether you want to try water activities like kayaking, and snorkeling or simply want to stay true to your fitness regime with a refreshing run on the beach, this blue flag beach can be the best choice.

Nearest city or town

Cabo San Lucas

Medano, the panoramic best of Cabo 

Often called the lover’s beach, Medano is the hallmark of everything that makes a Los Cabos vacation unique. The first thing that you notice about Medano is that it’s gigantic, stretching for miles, with a panoramic view of the bay on the side. In fact, the Blue flag organization considers smaller parts of Medano as separate beaches, all of which have their own blue flag certification. With the many hotels and resorts lining up against the beach from Riu Palace to Casa Dorada, Medano is one of the busiest beaches in Los Cabos. It’s also one of the most tourist-friendly ones and has been able to consistently retain its blue flag label, most recently in 2018.

Activities around Medano

Due to its easily accessible location, Medano offers some of the best things to do in Los Cabos. Excursions, glass-bottom boat tours, submarine experiences, and even luxury sailboat tours, are just some of the top things to do here. There are more than 300 places to eat near Medano, some of them right next to the beach, with an incredible view of the ocean. Partying at Medano, and bar hopping in Cabo is one of the most sought after experiences that you can have.

Nearest city or town

Cabo San Lucas

Playa El Corsario, the beach where the locals go 

Cabo San Lucas and most of Los Cabos can sometimes resemble an overwhelming cultural melt pot, which is always bustling with action. If you find yourself wishing for a break, and a peek into how the locals live, head to El Corsario, or the Cannery beach. This blue flag beach is just a short walk away from the Cabo San Lucas cruise port pier and is a local favorite. The rocky ledge on the far end of Corsario offers the much-needed shade on a hot day and some unique photography opportunities.

Activities around El Corsario

Being so close to Cabo San Lucas pier has its own advantages, namely plenty of dining and shopping options. On the other hand, El Corsario beach can be a remarkably peaceful, and relaxed experience, with inviting crystal clear waters. No wonder that it’s one of the most swimmable beaches of Los Cabos. If you would rather explore immerse yourself in the local art than take a dip in the ocean, the wall adjacent to the entry area of the beach has a delightful marine-themed graffiti that is definitely worth more than a passing glance.

Nearest city or town

Cabo San Lucas

Other Blue Flag destinations near Los Cabos 

FEE also rates marinas and aquatic tour operators, and there is no shortage of them in the entire Baja region. If you’re up for a short ride, you can try visiting lesser-known attractions such as the La Ribera beach on the east coast. This blue flag beach close to the town of La Ribera is famous for its fishing opportunities and is easily accessible en route to Cabo Pulmo, a UNESCO world heritage site. You can take the Camino Cabo Este to reach La Ribera in just under an hour.

Away from the hustle-bustle of Cabo, the capital city of La Paz also boasts of two blue flag destinations. The charming Cortez Marina is the only blue flag labeled a marina in Baja and warrants a closer view. A quick ride away from the Marina, El Coromuel is the only blue flag beach of La Paz, and unique for its tranquil view of the sunset, and the water park right next to the beach.

Best places to stay to explore blue flag beaches 

The beach can be your constant companion on your vacation to Los Cabos. While you can aim to visit all the blue flag locations, some of the best places to stay in Cabo are right next to at least one of them. Stepping onto a world-class, blue flag beach right from your hotel room is a luxury of another kind, and one of the must-have travel experiences. Start planning your vacation right away by booking the best stay options in Los Cabos.