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Our Top Tips For The Most Memorable Los Cabos Experience!

CATEGORY: Los Cabos Guides | 04.20.2021

Ah, Mexico! Cherished by travellers the world over, Mexico is full of beauty, culture, and relaxation everywhere you turn. One particularly beloved destination is Los Cabos, a gem situated at the tip of the Baja California peninsula. Whether you’ve been before, or you’re taking the trip for the first time, there’s a lot to do and see in Los Cabos — and you don’t want to miss any of it! As passionate experts about everything Mexico has to offer, we’ve compiled our top tips for finding all the hidden gems, unforgettable experiences, and memorable views Los Cabos has for you.

Take A Unique Tour

While they may not be the first animal that comes to mind when you think Mexico, seeing the Baja Desert by camel is an experience you don’t want to miss. On the back of a camel led by knowledgeable guides, you can be immersed in the landscape, making for perfect pictures and captivating views. There are a number of camel tour companies in the Los Cabos area, including Cabo Adventures and Wild Canyon, all with their own offerings and tour extras. If you’re a little more motor than camelan ATV tour across the Los Cabos landscape may be more your style. Speed through the sands and take in breathtaking beaches — while an ATV tour may be more of a thrill ride than a guided learning experience, you don’t want to miss taking in the sights at top speed! Depending on what you want to see, you have a number of different choices for your tour, such as G-Force Adventures or Cactus Tours.

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Make Wild Friends

If you want secluded and peaceful, visiting the San Jose Estuary for bird watching is sure to deliver. As the only freshwater coastal lagoon in the state, the estuary is home to numerous rare and beautiful bird species. Pack a lunch — the lagoon is a protected reserve with little-to-no amenities available — and settle in for sights and sounds you truly can’t get anywhere else. You can go on your own or hire a guide. Dolphins capture the hearts and minds of people the world over, and Los Cabos offers some truly unique ways to get close to the mystical animals. Swim with dolphins up close and personal in Los Cabos’ perfect waters — you’ll be telling stories about it for years to come. While there are numerous companies offering dolphin encounters, such as Dolphin Discovery, if you’re looking for something you can really write home about, Cabo Adventures offers the chance to truly become a dolphin trainer for a day.

Get A Taste Of Los Cabos

If you love to cook, you can’t miss learning to cook local fare — and the Los Cabos area boasts a number of fine cooking classes! With the variety of classes available, you can get private lessons for just your group, or you can join up with other traveling foodies and make some friends as you learn together. Classes are offered by local experts such as Edith’s or Chef Issi, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg — ask around and you’ll find a world of flavour. Whatsmore, you can also take advantage of private cooking lessons in many Elegant Mexico properties throughout Los Cabos — enjoy the experience of traditional Mexican cuisine from the comfort of your own rental! More about the savouring rather than the preparation? Los Cabos’ waters host a wide array of sunset dinner cruises. The dinner fare ranges from five-star chef offerings to themed fun — with the sheer variety, you could dine on a different cruise each night for a week and not run out of options! Options include the Caborey sunset dinner and show, or the sightseeing Grayline sunset cruise, but like the cooking classes, you can ask around for the best local recommendations no matter where you’re staying.

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Appreciate Local Culture

Mexico’s Baja California peninsula has had human habitation for thousands of years — experience all the history with guided tours around historical ruins, European missions, and even prehistoric sites. Whether you want to see how pre-Columbian indigenous peoples lived or spend a week hiking to 5000 year old cave paintings, history buffs have a lot to see. Check out some cultural and rural tours by companies like Birding Los Cabos, or Rancho Tours and take your pick! Los Cabos is an artist’s dream, as well; as an up-and-coming creative district, the area is becoming known for its arts and traditions, but isn’t overcrowded or commercialized. Day or night, there are galleries to visit and local artisans to support. The San Jose del Cabo Art Walk, a weekly event held Thursday nights November to June, is becoming particularly popular, but local markets and artists can point you in the direction of artistics gems to explore on your own as well. Packing your suitcase yet? Browse our Los Cabos Beachfront rentals here!