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Should You Consider a Luxurious Cabo Villa Vacation?

CATEGORY: Los Cabos Guides | 08.17.2021

Cabo villa vacations are in. American vacationers are flocking to Los Cabos in tsunami waves of interest and excitement. Although the U.S. border with Mexico remains closed to non-essential travel as it has been since the start of the pandemic, there is nothing stopping eager vacationers from flying in and heading right to the party. Mexico does not have quarantine restrictions or testing requirements for those entering, although those freedoms do not hold true on return to the U.S.

The U.S. State Department, which recently aligned policy with guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control, currently places Mexico at a Level 3 threat – actually a safer bet against the dozens of countries at the CDC’s level 4 threat that include many European destinations recently re-opened to Americans. And for the Baja, where Los Cabos can be found, the numbers are even better as the resort destination counts the fewest recent Covid cases in Mexico currently, according to a daily update provided by the New York Times.

No matter what the numbers, however, American vacationers remain undaunted. More than 2 million Americans visited Mexico in the first four months of this year and, according to Mexican government statistics, these were only 76 percent of all international visitors – tallied via arrivals by air. Furthermore, data reports show travel to Mexico from the US is up nearly 32 percent in this third quarter of 2021 alone, viewed against the same period in 2019.

While there remains much danger in exposure as Americans head south of the border for end of summer fiestas, and the Delta variant is only adding to this clear and present threat, many of those looking to party safely are bringing their party pods with them and choosing the safety and privacy of a villa vacation as the way to go.

In March, Los Cabos was named the world’s first VERIFIED travel destination through the independent health validation firm Sharecare. To manage this, the region’s hotels had to complete and maintain verification on some 360 global health security standards, including cleaning products and procedures, ventilation, hygiene protocols, and health/safety communication.

Demand for private homes and villas as vacation choices have been ticking up since the lockdown last year. Homes & Villas by Marriott International (HVMI), in fact, saw a 720% increase in just the first quarter of this year. As consumers return to their now normal in germ-ridden offices and contact with unvaccinated co-workers, many are opting for a safer escape option for those things they can control, such as planning a vacation.

A villa vacation in Los Cabos is likely the best solution. Properties in Villas del Mar by the waters of the Sea of Cortez can sleep as many as 20 guests in comfort in large rooms with private terraces, palatial bathrooms and stunning views of the sea. Broken down by guest numbers, nightly rates at Elegant Mexico often come out way ahead of resort costs and with many more amenities thrown in.

The villas here are a short distance (perhaps a 20 minute drive) from Los Cabos International Airport (SJD), often managed with luxury chauffeur services on request. Private flyers head down to Cabo San Lucas at the tip of the peninsula.

Each villa is its own design and purpose, whether a mere three-bedroom manse or a ten-bedroom palace, and each is rife with perfect places to socialize, read, think, work, meditate, watch a movie, party, sip, sun, swim and dine. Imagine waking up to a honey stream of sunlight on your bed, calling your butler for coffee, savoring that coffee in quiet on your patio overlooking the sea and then wandering out to the kitchen later to have a veritable breakfast feast prepared for you by the villa’s private chef.

You head out to your private and meandering pool area later to take a dip in the flowing waters and perhaps take in some morning sun reading the New York Times on your iPad. You plan your day with suggestions from the butler and then have the villa concierge put those plans into motion.

You take a morning bath in the soaking tub in your bedroom, decorated with colorful Talevera tiles and flanked with an open wall allowing in wide views of the sea and sky. You enjoy a cocktail and plate of custom enchiladas for lunch, prepared on request by the villa chef, and then you make your way out for a challenging golf game at the One&Only Palmilla next door, or shopping for artsy notions in nearby San Jose del Cabo. By evening, it’s time to party with your pod over pizza and beer in the outside kitchen and patio, followed by a soak in the Jacuzzi and stories told around the fire pit.

These choices, although they sound expensive, often pencil out to much less when considering the size of your party pod, the fact that you are not paying for libations by the cocktail or meals by the plate. Plus, you are getting dedicated service for whatever your needs are. And such considerations do not even touch the safety factor – that you are in private quarters and not interfacing continuously with people you do not know.

The simple pleasures of a villa vacation in Los Cabos are a hidden treasure of the travel field, often offered up by travel agents who have a true knowledge of the landscape, prices and benefits. While villa vacations have been the tried and true playground for top tiers of the once percent crowd, the playing field is ever more democratic with ever burgeoning choices. Elegant Mexico knows this, and knows the way in to this precious secret. Villa vacations in Los Cabos have never been so accessible … until now. Contact us today to learn more or click here to check out some of our favorite rentals – our Del Mar Cabo San Lucas Mansion Rentals!