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Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park

There are times when everyone could use a well-earned getaway. Oftentimes, the best way to combat an increasingly busy schedule is to make sure you have an exciting vacation on the calendar that takes you someplace sunny, exciting, and endlessly scenic alike! That’s where a trip to Los Cabos, Mexico comes in to check every box on the list. This one-of-a-kind getaway destination has long been enthralling travelers from near and far thanks to its collection of stunning shorelines, alluring blue waves, and a seemingly endless lineup of restaurants, boutique shops, museums, galleries, and historical landmarks to check out too. A trip this way is just right for visitors looking forward to time on the sand. It’s also a picturesque place to land when on-the-water recreation, vibrant nightlife, and the best of amazing views all fit your travel style too.

Those travelers heading to Los Cabos who are looking to elevate their stay even further start by booking a luxury villa to call their own through the team at Elegant Mexico. Here, we provide our guests with unsurpassed standards of excellence when it comes to both luxury and style. We also offer up options for our guests to book private and personalized tours across Los Cabos that bring amazing destinations to life in an unforgettable way. If you happen to have a heart for the great outdoors and can’t wait to immerse yourself in the best nature has to offer while you’re here, booking a private tour of Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park through our concierge team is the place to start.

Discover Cabo Pulmo Marine Park

Booking a Cabo Pulmo Marine Park private tour is a terrific way to experience stunning beauty and amazing wildlife alongside a knowledgeable, friendly, and certified guide in Los Cabos. Cabo Pulmo Marine Park is situated a mere 60 miles north of Los Cabos. Its prime location puts it well within reach for a day trip, while simultaneously offering up a sense of off-the-beaten-path fun—far from the vibrant gatherings found in the center of Los Cabos. Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park is part of Baja California Sur’s East Cape region and in total, encompasses 5 miles of terrain. The park stretches from Pulmo Point to Los Frailes, effectively stretching between the northernmost and southernmost tips in this region.

This protected marine park enjoys surroundings that are comprised of beaches and mountains as well as desert and a collection of shallow bays that are nestled along three living reefs. These reefs hold the title of the only hard coral reef existing in North America! Cabo Pulmo Marine Park first became a protected destination in 1995 after years of work on the part of the Cabo Pulmo community. The park has extensive fishing bans in place that are hard-earned and create an environment of untouched beauty that’s quite unsurpassed! Cabo Pulmo Marine Park is home to everything from tropical fish and sea turtles to sea lions, reefs, incredible plant life, and pristine beaches that further enhance the scenic beauty of a visit.

Enjoy a Private Tour with the Professionals at InCabo

Making the most of an amazing private tour through Cabo Pulmo Marine Park is easier than ever for guests who book their accommodations through Elegant Mexico. We partner closely with the professionals at InCabo so we can offer our guests access to this exceptional experience upon request. The team at InCabo has been providing world-class tours to Los Cabos visitors for more than 20 years. Their focus, much like the team at Elegant Mexico, rests firmly on providing a superior guest experience every step of the way. They’re a luxury travel boutique and destination management company offering specialized experiences and private tours to help visitors make life-long memories that are completely unique. Their reputation is built on customized attention to detail, unparalleled service standards, and local knowledge. Additionally, guests who book a private Cabo Pulmo Marine Park tour will find they can enjoy this authentic look at nature’s best work alongside a guide who is part of a team made up exclusively of certified naturalists, biologists, and local experts.

Tour Specifics

Those who decide to book a Cabo Pulmo Marine Park private tour through the Elegant Mexico concierge team have much to look forward to! This is considered a full-day trip that’s 8 hours in total. Transportation to and from your villa is included in the cost of the tour. Guests will also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having access to a private boat and guide for the duration of their exploration experience at Cabo Pulmo Marine Park. While the trip is offered year-round, it’s best experienced between April and November for water conditions and wildlife access.

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