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Ditch the Room. Book a Beach Villa in Los Cabos

CATEGORY: Luxury Travel Tips | 09.12.2021

Beach villa in Los Cabos? Consider this: Los Cabos is hot. That means a real estate market that is on fire and exploding demand for vacation villas, especially beachfront villas by the sea. An adviser with Engel & Volkers recently observed more than $213.7 million in accepted offers so far in 2021 in that firm alone – marking the second-highest year in its history.

And with high-end homes and uberluxe development properties bursting from the shelves, the action adds up to a hot time for vacation villas that are attracting a range of interest, from jet-setting elites to instagramming millennials seeking the best that Cabo can offer.

So, we’ve gathered a few inside tips and insights on what a vacation villa in Los Cabos, Mexico can offer and why it makes sense.

Map of Los Cabos with Elegant Mexico


In Los Cabos you have your choice for where you want to be situated and most of that time that means on or near or at least in view of a beach. The shores along the Sea of Cortez are seeing most of these new villas coming on line, although the East Cape is another up and coming area quickly filling with five-star resorts and prestigious amenities. However, if we are talking about location, the East Cape is quite a distance from the action, fun, shopping, dining and adventurous activities to be found along the 20-mile or so golden corridor between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. Elegant Mexico’s villa selections in Villas del Mar and other locations near San Jose del Cabo ensure proximity to Los Cabos International Airport as well as easy access to all the sites and must-dos of the region.

Life’s a Beach in Cabo

Cabo San Lucas boasts an amalgam of pristine beaches and smart ecosystems, all brimming with colorful flora and culture. For the vacation seeker, there is nothing like a beachfront villa or a villa right on the beach where you can fall asleep and wake up to the sounds of surf and even have your morning coffee in the sand as you watch the sun ascend over the Sea of Cortez. Elegant Mexico has many of these perfect settings within its robust inventory of vacation villas. More than two dozen of these coveted beachfront villas are available for parties as small as four and as large as eight. These villas on the beach open up to soft sand beaches that are clean and protected and, best of all, they lack crowds. Your beach can be as private as your villa affording quiet and meditative beach walks or undisturbed family gatherings.

Private Chef Included

Did you know villa rentals in Los Cabo through Elegant Mexico come with private chefs? If that does not raise the bar and separate the experience between villa stays and hotel bookings, we are simply not sure what does! Villas through Elegant Mexico get the advantage of not having to worry about where to eat, what to eat, when to eat and with whom. It’s all done for you and at your leisure. Want pancakes with your eggs? Done. Don’t feel like breakfast? Fine, have a fruit mix and croissant by the pool after your morning swim. Inviting guests for lunch? Ask you chef to prepare a large ceviche platter and perhaps some nopales tamales steamed to perfection. Don’t forget the watermelon margaritas.

Beach Villa in Los Cabo private chef
Villa guests can work with the onsite concierge to stock any must have foods and spirits. Forgot some things? No problem. Ask and they are on their way.

Did We Mention Private Butler?

If you are looking for a villa in Los Cabos, don’t forget to inquire about dedicated butler service. Because a villa is a home stay not a room booking, there is often much to be handled – especially with sizable groups and families. A dedicated butler is a second (even primary!) pair of hands and knowledge who can not only assist with ensuring all systems are go and all parties are comfortable, but can help plan for any unplanned occasion. Sudden company? Restless kids? Best swimming spots? Massage options? Ask Jeeves. At Elegant Mexico, a dedicated butler is automatic with every rental – part of the pleasures that separate private rental choices from nights at a hotel.

Don’t Sacrifice Basic Amenities

Often, vacation homes forego the maid service or value of an onsite concierge. Not villas booked with Elegant Mexico. Daily maid service ensures clean linens and towels, organized and comfortable spaces and often, the necessary clean-up after a festive evening of vacation enjoyment. Need a massage? At Elegant Mexico, ask the butler or the concierge and in a blink, a massage therapist will be coming to your villa to administer soothing treatments in your bedroom, on your balcony or by the pool. Like golf? Play a challenging 27-hole game at the One&Only Palmilla next door – your golf cart waits in your garage. Feel like dining out? Take that two-minute tootle to the resort next door where, with Elegant Mexico, you will have signing privileges for casual brunch to fancy dinners.

Beach villa Massage in Los Cabos

Naturally, villa amenities also come with the requisite in-villa comforts that you would expect to get with any vacation booking: air-conditioning, formidable Wi-Fi, stunning views of the ocean, concierge assistance and security gates.

Privacy at a Premium

Perhaps one big element that separates the villas from the rooms and suites is the concept of privacy. With a villa stay, the only non-staff people you will see are the people you want to see. That is why villa bookings are often the vacation options of choice for celebrities and notables. All can be arranged – from your private jet to Cabo San Lucas, to your private chauffeur from the FBO or private jet airport, to your door with vehicles and drivers at the ready throughout your stay.

Privacy means villa get-togethers that are large enough to fit all your guests with surroundings that are bound to impress. It means your own infinity pool overlooking the sea, plenty of corners to be alone or in conversation, large spots for larger gatherings, an outside kitchen, bar and seating under the stars or in palapa-style shade, and comely fire pits with comfy chairs perfect for sharing stories into the midnight hours.

Putting a Price on Villa Value

So, you ask, what price privacy and freedom? Consider the all the battles you won’t have to fight, the considerations you won’t have to make, the charges you won’t have to count, the planning you won’t have to do. That is the value of choosing a villa. Can you party in your suite at your hotel without worry for noise and making a scene? Can you enjoy an afternoon of fresh cocktails by the pool without summing up the $25 per glass costs in your head, plus the per service tips to the staff? Can you manage an impromptu visit by friends and relatives with a customized feast in your hotel suite? Can you disappear from the world when you do not want to have contact and reappear when you are ready and able without offending your friends?

Beach villa Cocktails in Los Cabos
Whether for the sumptuous sea views, the sounds of surf to lull you to sleep, and stunning desert beauty of all that surrounds you in Los Cabos, these things can be managed by choosing the right hotel or resort and managing to wrangle the right room and location. But choose a vacation villa instead and your choices are assured, creating an exponential multiplier on enjoyment with stress-free built-ins that come with each property. No need to think. With a Los Cabos villa through Elegant Mexico it is all done for you, and before you know you want it.